Friday, April 12, 2013

The Weather

Many times I have gone out to the farm and found my horse like this...
January 2013 - Sunbathing

Wouldn't it be nice to sunbathe all day and decide to just not get up some days? Spyder takes advantage of the warmth and always finds a high and dry place to lay. People at the farm are always joking with me because he stays so clean. He HATES mud and will only walk through it if it involves getting to food. Funnier, he won't even walk through his own poop. He'll do everything he can to get around the manure, I'm sure it looks lovely at the trot when he makes his crazy moves to pass it. 

Oh no, I'm not getting up - same day as photo above
I do love that he picks a high and dry place, and even if it rains, he stays dry in his shelter. He doesn't get blanketed like almost every horse at the farm does, and he's still fatter, cleaner, and fluffs out nicely despite the fact that I may not get out to brush him for a few days. It's nice knowing he's so happy and healthy. I just wish I got to relax like he does.

January 2012 - 1 year prior to photos above.
It's frustrating knowing that he will throw a fit if he doesn't want to do something - if only life was that easy for humans. I think we need to take lessons and learn from each other... I should try to relax and catch the sun... and he should have a little better work ethic. For now, we meet in the middle. It's relaxing to see him so relaxed when I get out to the farm for a quick lunch visit some days. Hopefully I'll get better weather to get out more often!  :)